PVC boats - About us

PVC-boat seller (Meluga LT) sell PVC inflatable boats since 2008. Boats meet all the requirements and have the CE certificates. In collaboration with the fishermens, in consultation with them, noticing pvc boats pros and cons, take it into action to meet the requirements of fishermens.

In today's market you have the opportunity to choose from dozens of manufacturers of PVC inflatable boats, quality and price. PVC inflatable boats of MELUGA you could see the advantages in comparison with other manufacturers boats.

Inflatable boat

PVC inflatable boats are made of reliable South Korea Heytex ® PVC material. . The fabric is made from woven synthetic fibers (polyester) base on both sides of the multilayer coated polivinilchoridu and interconnected specific adhesins mixture. Dense core layer weave fabric provides durability and incredible special resistance to punctures and re-cut.

Polyvinyl chloride layer is guaranteed to prevent any air out.

Plastic accessories make a very elastic tissue, which is very important for adding and selecting a boat, especially at low temperatures. Fabric resistant to UV rays, salt water, gasoline, lubricants, and retain their properties at temperatures from - 30 C to +60 C. Time of using inflatable boats - 10-20 years;

 PVC inflatable boats used only world recognized manufacturers of fittings (Italy, S. Korea, and others.);

 PVC inflatable boats precision and strong glue joints;

PVC inflatable boats - perhaps the only PVC boat, with 3 separate inflatable chambers, inflatable Kiel - an automatic pressure regulator;

 PVC inflatable boats front of the boat secured special protection against friction anchor rope;

 PVC edges protect the boat from rubbing a special rubber protection board;

 PVC inflatable boat transom bottom protect against abrasion special protection;

 PVC inflatable boats vulnerable locations of cameras (side camera at the back and bottom of the boat keel) protected from friction with special rubber protection;

 PVC inflatable boat trance very firmly attached to the side chambers transom brackets;

 PVC inflatable boats have adjustable benches;

 PVC inflatable boats (360-420) are packed in two bags, backpacks;

PVC inflatable boats to anchor latch;

Company MELUGA PVC inflatable boats have a modern design and configuration, consistent with international standards. PVC boat design provides superb sailing characteristics of both rivers and open waters. These boats are ISO - 6185, EEC standards of quality. MELUGA company produced PVC boats apart from other manufacturers offered their analogues flawless materials and exclusive hand-build quality, the highest quality parts and completed some unique manning and production decisions.